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How much does it cost?

from €150 per song.


           One FREE modification

(Additional modifications are €25 each)

           Stereo drum mix.

You can also purchase:

           The unprocessed source track for €45

           The processed source track for €99

Songs over 5 minutes in length or with unusual complexity may require additional fee. In such case, we will let you know before recording your tracks.

Can I ask for changes?

Absolutely! Tweak it till it’s PERFECT!

A modification considered any change you want to make to the drum tracks we’ve recorded. Changing fills, beats or even entire section.

Your first modification is free of charge.

(Additional modifications are only €25 each.)

You are free to ask as many modifications as you like until your 100% satisfied with our drum tracks.

Wanna choose between several drum tracks versions?

Ask for a complete new drum tracks with different elements, groove or feel for your song – for just €75

Is it 100% risk free?


You pay as the Drum Track is ready. So there's no risk!

For General Information or Order Info, please fill out the Order Form.