Add "Acoustic Drums" to your songs with "REAL LIVE DRUM RECORDING".

Suisam Drums 'Real Live Drum Recording' is a simple solution for you to make professional sounding recordings by adding 'Live Acoustic Drums' to your song. The most people use a drum machine and have a little or no knowledge about programming.  The drum track will sound very mechanical and doesn’t have the right "groove" you actually want. Recording drums in a real studio is mostly the last thing you will do, because renting a studio is quite expensive. Planning, reservation of recording time and mixing the drums take a lot of time. In addition, the drummer has a little or no experience with recording a drum track in a studio. Besides the additional recording time you also have to spend hours to correct the drum part (s)! This exciting and valuable way for drum recording in a studio can  be saved by us!

It's that simple !!
You send us your music, make your wishes known, and we can work on your "song"! No more traveling, No more days off from work and No more expensive hours at the studio.

We offer you "The fastest, easiest and cheapest way !!!"

A "Real Live Drum Track" starts at € 150 (for more information see 'how much does it cost')     

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