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8 Reasons to choose for ‘Accoustic Live Drums’ for your Songs!

1. No More Dealing with Flaky Musicians

It's true that you could always have a friend play drums for your song, but this may end up making even more work for you in the end. What if the track isn’t perfectly executed? You’ll have to spend time editing it, and you might not feel comfortable criticizing your friend’s playing if you are not getting exactly what you want. We only use world-class studio drummers that have real major label credentials to back them up, and you don’t have to accept anything less than perfection from them for your projects. You can eliminate any worries about whether you’ll get the perfect drum track–or if that drummer you hired will even show up to your session on time.


2. Your Time is Precious

You probably have a pretty busy schedule. Painstakingly sequencing drum tracks only takes time away that could be spent laying down the perfect guitar lick or a great vocal track. Spend more of your time being creative and not thinking about how you’re going to get the drums to sound right. Oh, and don’t worry about finding open studio time to book a recording session–within a week, you’ll have a great drum track ready to go!



3. Make Your Music Real

Most of us want our music to be taken as seriously as the songs we hear on the radio. The only way to do this is to make your music sound like the songs on the radio! The first step towards making your music truly come to life is having a professional sounding drum track played by a studio drumming expert. With that foundation, you can build an incredible song that will make your friends wonder why you’re not in their iPod mix alongside their favorite artists.        


4. You’re the Boss

We know that a lot of musicians are pretty picky when it comes to recording the perfect song. You want your drum track to be recorded with feeling; you want every fill to rock out; you want the snare sound to fill a baseball stadium. When you order a drum track from us, you can expect to get exactly what you want. You’ll even get to listen to a preview before you get the final product to make sure everything is just right.


5. Make It Your Own

Each drum track you order will be exclusive to you and only you–it won’t come straight from a music library. Customize your order so that your song is truly yours. Do you have a specific idea for a drum pattern? Make a MIDI of it and send it to us! Have a certain fill in mind, a cool drum intro or a chorus in 7/8? No problem. If you want the drummer to lay on the crash cymbal for the bridge, just let us know. Soon those crazy beats in your head will come to life as you’ve never heard before, played by a major session drummer.


6. Worth Way More Than a Piece of Gear

Why pay hundreds more for a drum machine when you can experience the fun of working with a real professional drummer on the song you worked so hard to write? Programming a machine doesn’t have the energy or excitement of collaborating with an amazing musician. How many times have you had the chance to work with a major label musician on one of your own songs? That experience is much more inspiring than a trip to your local music store!


7. Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

You never know when inspiration will strike. Did you just come up with an amazing new idea for a song? Start it off with some guitar tracks and let us take the next step for you. Within a week, you’ll get a drum track that will blow your mind–then you can get right on with recording that next hit song.


8. No Risk

You pay as the Drum Track is ready. So there's no risk!

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