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Here are some common mistakes.

           It’s not possible to record drums over drums.

If you’ve created your own beats, loops or midi drum tracks, don’t include them in the mix you want us to listen to while recording your track. It’s very hard to play while there’s another drum track in the background.

           All we need is a mix.

Send us a simple MP3 mix. We don’t accept project files of any recording software. Some artists tried to send us huge zip files with their entire projects and channels. All we need is a simple mp3 mix of your song without drums and possibly some reference tracks.

           It’s important to have a steady beat.

Your song will be based on the sketch you’re about to send us. If this sketch hasn’t been recorded to a click track, there’s a high chance the rest of the instruments won’t be in perfect sync.


 How long does it takes?

Your drum tracks preview will be ready in 10 Days.

Need it sooner? Contact us and ask about our expedite service.

After approving the preview, we will upload your files and notify you when the files are ready for downloading.

In some very rare cases, we might extend our turnaround time. If it happens, we will notify you about the delay.


 How can I pay?

You can pay by Bank Transfer or via Paypal.


 Who owns the tracks?

You do!

We record our drum tracks on a work for hire basis. This means you own all of the rights of the recording. You are free to publish, reproduce or sell your song without our consent.


What software is needed?

No. you can use our tracks with any software or DAW. Import our tracks to the starting point of your project and you're good to go.

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