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Welcome to Suisam Drums. The place for Private Drum Lessons, Drum Workshops, Drum Coaching, Sessions and Studio work.

The Private drum lessons are open to anyone who wants to start playing drums. Theoretical knowledge is not a requirement to be able to start playing drums with us. The lessons are practical yet certainly adequate attention to the theoretical part is paid attention to. A good balance between the theoretical and practical part is important and therefore actually present. The advanced- and professional drummers, who own the advanced basic control elements, have the ability to choose the music style they want to develop, for example rock, funk, jazz, jazz-rock, fusion and latin. Here we note that in certain styles of music you need more than just an advanced base. We are not just for the novice drummer but also for those who want to develop, understand and refine their drumming.

Besides the drum lessons we can also guide you on your way and help if you need to do an audition or want to improve you drumming in your band. We teach you to make optimal use of your abilities and to apply lessons learnt in your band through this Drum Coaching.

Suisam Drums is also the place to be for hiring services like Session- and Studio work. One day it may happen that the drummer of your band is sick or 'temporarily' inactive for whatever reason or you may still be looking for a new drummer while you also have your performance commitments that cannot be cancelled. Suisam Drums can help you out of this type of trouble. Through years of experience, a rehearsal is not absolutely necessary (if there are (live) tapes available), because the repertoire will be put on music scores. Also playing along with samples or tapes is not a problem, because we will work with click track. If you recognize this, contact us and submit your problem. After consultation we shall make a price-fixing agreement.

Teacher has over 35 years of experience as a drummer in various styles of music, of which more than 25 years as a professional drummer. The knowledge and experience will be reflected in an adequate manner during the drum lessons and performances of the services we offer.

Do you want more information, make an appointment for a drum lesson, or want to use one of our other services, please complete the contact form. We will handle your mail as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting us and have fun on our website.