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1-to-1 Tutoring

The 1-to-1 drum lessons are suitable for everyone. The 1-to-1 tutoring means that you are alone with the teacher during the lesson. The major advantage of this approach is that all the individual attention will be for you, completely different from classroom lessons. In this way you will feel better at ease while you more easily dare to ask something and you will see progression much sooner. In order to work and study, the lessons accessible can be flexibly scheduled. The classes can be scheduled weekly by mutual agreement between teacher and student. If one lesson is missed due to illness or another reason, that will not be a problem. Together we will reschedule another appointment so that no tuition is lost.


Duration and frequency

The student can determine the duration and the frequency of the lessons. Obviously this is discussed in advance. In this way you can decide on your own how quickly you want to learn how to play drums.


Lesson content

The content of the drum lessons varies per student. While one student starts at the base, the other is already advanced and would like to specialize in a particular type of music or wants to develop the drumming in the band or just get back to the basics because he or she has never learned that in a good way before. If you have mastered the basics then everything is actually possible. Each lesson will be adapted to your needs.



Lessons are being given at your place (at home). 

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